Gaianar Data Protocols
Name Abbreviation Speed Range Primary Use
High Speed Transfer Protocol HSTP 100mb/seg 100' Sharing massive amounts of data between computers or Constructs
Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol CHAP 50mb/seg 500' Computer hacking / Construct-Construct mental combat.
Standard Transfer Protocol STP 10mb/seg 5 miles Video conferencing
Unidirectional Transfer Protocol UDP 100kb/seg* 50 miles Satellite downloads
Long Range Transfer Protocol LRTP 10kb/seg 500 miles Commlinks; file sharing across long distances.
Very Terse Transfer Protocol VTTP 128b/seg Unlimited Text files across dimensional boundaries.
Long range Financial Data Protocol LFDP 32b/seg Unlimited Encrypted direct deposit and money transfers across dimensional boundaries.
* Download only. Upstream = 1kb/seg
Of course, not all Data Beacons are created equal. Most standard Beacons (such as in upgraded Mathematician tablets, may only have UDP and VTTP.)
All Constructs have CHAP. Other forms of data require an upgrade. Generally, one "upgrade" allows for all remaining protocols.

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