A Treasury of Traps!

Roll 1d20 to select a fun trap for the unwitting adventurers.

1: Shooting Spikes. This trap causes thin shards of jagged stone to erupt from the floor. Save vs. area effect for half damage. Spikes cause 4d6 impaling damage.

2. Hot Tar. This trap causes superheated tar to pour from the ceiling. Leather/padded armour takes only half damage. save vs. area\effect for half damage. Normal effect is 4d8.

3. Poison Dart: A single dart flies out from a hidden crevice. Save vs. magical weapon to avoid. Save vs. poison to resist poison. This is an int(5) nonleathal neurotoxin that causes paralysis and sleep.

4. Piano wire. Save vs. magical weapon or roll on dreadful wounding chart. Save at 1 for each +2 of armour.

5. Flame Jet. Save vs. area effect to avoid a conical blast of fire. 6d6 damage.

6. Collapsing Ceiling. Save vs. area effect to avoid a pile of rubble falling upon one's\head.10d6 damage.

7. Trap Door: The floor gives out, dropping the party 10' onto a pile of spikes. Save vs area effect to avoid. 10d10 damage.

8. Acid Bath: A strong acid rains down from the ceiling. Save vs area effect to avoid.

9. Smash Panels: The walls suddenly slam together with great force. Save vs system shock to avoid. 10d12

10. Bottomless pit. While technically not bottomless, this narrow chimney is several thousand feet deep. Thermal updrafts cause the victim to hover around 3,000-4,000 feet until starvation. Flying scavengers eat the corpses.

11. Sticky foot trap: This trap looks like an ordinary wet floor, but is actually coated with a very powerful adhesive. The clear glue has a STR(20). A successful Skill check negates.

12. Drowning Chamber trap: Metal panels descend from the ceiling and small openings in the walls admit a steady flow of water. The chamber fills up in 5 rounds. There is a concealed trigger release. Alternatively, the Panel could be lifted on a bend bar check.

13. Teleport Trap: When the adventurer steps on the wrong tile, he or she is transported to a more dangerous area of the dungeon. An area effect save negates.

14. Loop trap: A narrow cord winds around the adventurer's foot, snaring him and hanging him from the ceiling upside-down. A save vs. magical weapon negates.

15. Magnet trap: A wall suddenly becomes highly magnetic. All iron and steel objects get stuck to the surface. The magnetic force has an effective STR(20).

16. Blinding Powder: A microfine powder sprinkles down the ceiling that blinds its victims for 1d4+1 days or until a Limited Regeneration is cast. A save vs. poison negates.

17. Bouncing Betty: A spring-loaded explosive bounces three feet in the air before detonating as an int(4) explosive. Save vs. area effect for half damage.

18. Nerve gas: Metal panels drop down to trap a 10' x 10' area. The trapped area fills up with a deadly nerve agent (an int(6) poison). Save vs. poison at -8 to negate; save at -2 to only pass out but not die.

19. Shotgun trigger trap: A tripwire causes a concealed shotgun to unload at the party. Save vs. area effect to negate.

20. Delayed spell trap: A stored spell of Tier 5 detonates. Use applicable save.