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Book of Spiritual Powers


The Book of Spiritual Powers lists all of the spells and powers of the various character classes.

Rules for Players

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RfP:  HTML The Rules for Players contains the character creation process, character classes, and combat mechanics.


Core Game Products


Creatures Guide

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More monsters, fiends, and more creatures! All the critters any GM needs to accomplish the players' doom!

The Epic Gaianar Novel: "I, Construct"

Game Add-ons

Blank Character Sheets

Campaign World Maps

Campaign Setting Supplements

Nightfall Word HTML
This grim world orbits a binary pair of M-class dwarfs. A race of feudal vampires rule with an iron hand. The goddess Raven, mistress of goodness and darkness, has been captured by the evil god Wargonwyr.
Papilian G2E/D20 Word PDF
The Elves have become corrupt and have instilled a racist and fascist reign over the younger races. Meanwhile, the evil god Valquena has unleashed an environmental catastrophe that threatens to turn all the living into raving mutants!
Sunlight Realm
Requiem Topography
Nightfall Topography
Gaianar Topography
Arannoch Word
This is Matt Hannum's desert world that is ruled by the evil Lord of Plagues!
Sunlight Realm Word
(Work in Progress) A shadowy alien race invades and blots out the sun. Can the adventurers lead a successful resistance?
Requiem Word PDF
A high Science, low Magic campaign setting. The Word file has the campaign setting; the PDF shows starship types.
Gaianar D20 Word
This is the World of Gaianar campaign setting, written for the Wizards of the Coast D20 game system.








Arannoch Topography
Papilian Topography






House rules to add extra flavour!
12 Rings & Swords Assorted Traps Data Transfer Dave's Depot
Twelve Cities Merle's Spells Merle's Worlds Dragons
Star Generator Tome of Champions Nightfall Items Extra Monsters!
Illegal Drugs
Read the ongoing quest of Construct Frank!
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Ch. 16-20: Word Ch. 16-20: HTML Ch. 16-20: PDF Ch. 16-20: eBook
Ch. 21-25: Word Ch. 21-25: HTML Ch. 21-25: PDF Ch. 21-25: eBook
Ch. 26-30: Word Ch. 26-30: HTML Ch. 26-30: PDF Ch. 26-30: eBook
Ch. 31-35: Word Ch. 31-35: HTML Ch. 31-35: PDF Ch. 31-35: eBook
Ch. 36-40: Word Ch. 36-40: HTML Ch. 36-40: PDF Ch. 36-40: eBook
Ch. 41-45: Word Ch. 41-45: HTML Ch. 41-45: PDF Ch. 41-45: eBook
Ch. 45-50: Word Ch. 45-50: HTML Ch. 45-50: PDF Ch. 45-50: eBook
Ch. 51: Word Ch. 51: HTML
Ch. 52: Word Ch. 52: HTML
Ch. 53: Word Ch. 53: HTML Ch. 53: PDF
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