Carl, the Unwashed

Legal note: It's only libel if it's  untrue!


While this isn't exactly Game-related,  one must not overlook Comedy when it  presents itself. In the case of Carl the Unwashed, these arc tragic tales of  an overweight, lazy, shiftless bum who is regrettably part of the family.  He doesn't bathe or groom or brush his teeth. He also wears  absolutely filthy clothes.

His mode of dress is usually black slacks from a suit along with a white t-shirt.  The shirt has long since deteriorated to a brownish-grey, while the slacks are so dirty that you can determine the contents of his last ten meals by the food stains on the trouser legs.

From his loathe of dental hygiene, his breath is as nasty as a open latrine in summer. He also has a tangled, filthy beard that could probably house a family of mice in it.

 But rather than simply being pissed off, satire  is this author's weapon of choice. The following were written by Diane Witmyer (aka Lady Diane) and edited by Chris Todd.