The Ex-Libris Gazette

Volume 48. Edition 38

Expounding the Truth since A.S. 421!

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Scyral Tekka announced stunning success with the new “Hell on Wheels” Scaxathromite outreach programme. “We’ve helped three hundred elderly citizens and over ninety beggars reach the ultimate goal of the faith: to become a sentient, freewilled Undead. And this programme is just the beginning! Hell on Wheels will be expanded to other cities soon, including
Myracannon, Greco’s Gulch, and Cape North!” Critics of the programme question how many of those converted to Undead were actually willing participants, however. “Surely, no one would turn down our offer,” Tekka scoffed. “The Scorganna rebels are simply jealous that their false-goddess can’t grant them necromantic powers.”
In lighter news, legendary diner owner and part-time adventurer Bev Lexington won this year’s annual Touchstone Pickle Festival contest with her delicious pickled tomatoes. “We’ve got more where these came from,” Lexington told a cheering crowd as she received her trophy and the two hundred pound pumpkin (this year’s prize). “And it looks like we’re about to have a sale on pumpkin pies, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin fritters!” Second place winner, Gregor Borshakov, the local
environmental activist, won a medallion and a one hundred pound squash for his famous purple pickled eggs. Onyx Caratha, the Speaker for the Dead of Emptygulch, took the third prize, a ribbon and a fifty pound cucumber, for his pickled spicy onions.
With Baron Vorani Bleakstone dead, the Smith declared indefinitely missing, and Bleakstone’s lieutenants in exile, the West Point Clan Council met today to determine what kind of leadership should be provided for the town of Bleakstone’s March. “Clearly, the feudal model didn’t work for this town,” the Clan Trelaine council leader explained. “We’re going to have to put the town under temporary martial law just to prevent looting. Once the town is stabilised, we’ll have to decide on a new
leadership charter.” When asked if the Clan Council was considering the Ex-Libris governmental model, Trelain replied, “No. . .  I don’t think we’re going to do that. One Ex-Libris, while greatly appreciated, is plenty for West Point.”
A curious weather phenomenon was noted fifty miles off the southern coast of West Point this week. “It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wayfinder Min Delrey explained. “It’s a stationary waterspout about a mile high. There are no clouds in the sky, and it just stands there swirling and swirling!” Given that the bulk of the Western Fleet is currently in drydock for repairs and maintenance following the Southern Civil War, the West Point Clan Council is accepting applications from qualified adventurers with scientific or environmentalist backgrounds to study this phenomenon. “We can’t say the waterspout is exactly a threat,” the Clan Trelaine leader remarked. “But we can’t allow navigation through that area until we know what’s causing it.” The Admiral also agreed with the travel restriction.
Celebrated Archeologist and White Librarian Cardin Montross made history this week with his first successful test of the Superstring Extrusion Drive™, a faster-than-light propulsion system. “We’re very excited with the alpha-test results,” Montross exclaimed. “While the alpha-test was powered with a portable Theoretical Propulsion System that was able to move the test hull one mile before its energy was exhausted, I have great hope that we can travel much further using the Akalla’s Hope power
system.” The alpha test was carried out ten miles north of town on a flat prairie. No abnormal radiation was detected following the alpha-test. “Unlike the TrueGate™, which momentarily joins two spaces together, my drive actually pushes the test-hull by unwinding the subatomic 10-dimensional superstrings in a single direction. As the local superstrings ‘snap’, the kinetic energy creates a local, isolated unidirectional momentum that pushes everything in the area effect at once, thus overcoming the problem of asymmetric inertia -- which would crush the passengers if not compensated for!”
In related news, the Great Library’s astronomy department announced today that it will offer White Liberian Montross a research grant for developing an astronomical probe that could transmit scientific data on other worlds in the Gai system back to Ex-Libris. “We haven’t had any new science since the Great Cataclysm,” Master Researcher Deckard Cain explained. “Our ground-based telescopes have gathered about as much information as they can. But if we could get a telescope outside the atmosphere, that would open quite a few doors for us!”
Local Bounty Hunter Eli Razorclaw recieved zoning permission today to start constructing an exotic dance club in District Four. “It’s good, clean, adult entertainment,” Citizen Razorclaw explained. “This ain’t no stinkin’ whorehouse! It’s going to have beautiful, athletic dancers of all races, and lots of premium booze -- not cheap rotgut like some adult establishments in District Four serve!”


The Tome Theatre is proud to present “Lies”, a musical comedy of two opposing mayoral candidates and their trumped up charges against each other. See two stuffed-shirt politicians fall flat on their faces in this hilarious story of payoffs, tax schemes, forged records, and trumped-up tales of dubious war heroism. Waffles will be served during the intermission! The Illuvatar’s Honour Dinner Theatre will be hosting “The Fast and the Ventilated,” a tale of a bully-sheriff who guns down all who stands against him, and the brave woman who had the courage who face his guns. Beef jerky and baked beans will be served during intermission. Finally, High Tech Times is proud to present episode one of “Eagle’s Peak”, a ten part serial of greed, wine, infidelity, and unchecked capitalism. Umberdale Valiant Blanc will be served during intermission. Save 10% by buying a Friday-Saturday-Sunday combo! See your local Blue Librarian for prices and tickets!
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