The Ex-Libris Gazette



DAY 101, A.S. 528






  • Whirled News

Lord Robart Brightsky’s army of combat drones recaptured the city of Greco’s Gulch from the Skeleton King’s Undead military. “Put simply,” Lord Duskwalker (war general) explained, “the Skeleton King is running out of high quality corpses to animate. He’s basically down to dried-up zombies and the like.” Necrology experts agree that the five-year war has had the unintended side effect of ridding North Point of most of the powerful Walking Dead.


Legendary thief Gringe Stylish completed his seven-year prison term for jewellry theft at the Museum of Caldeni. “I shall revenge myself upon the Clan Council for imprisoning me in the Limitless Sky Salt Mine. I will steal something irreplaceable from either Saboo or Ex-Libris. The world has not begun to feel my wrath! Glory and Thefts for the great god Abben Mort!” The West Point parole board judged Stylish to be “fully adjusted and rehabilitated”.


The Accidental Detectives investigation agency solved two important mysteries in the Wayland’s March boomtown. “They fixed a treacherous gas leak that was threatening to destroy the town,” Mayor Diamond McFork announced. “They also stopped an evil telepath that was attacking the prostitutes that work the docks”. Initially, the attacker was thought to be a vampire, but it turned out to be an E50 empath.


The Paru port authority is still investigating how the cargo ship Destiny’s Dance caught fire and burned the sails. The captain, navigator, and engineer were also slain in the blaze. While the ship caught fire near the Wayland’s March harbour, the cargo vessel ended up drifting down to Paru. The ship was carrying 50 crates of the rare Chateau Hellion Über Rouge.



  • Local Noose


Black Librarian Illuvitar confirmed that she has once again assumed temporary command of Ex-Libris by way of the Carte Violet. “The Purple Librarian has disappeared before, but always for the right reasons,” the Master of Assassins explained.  “There is absolutely no reason to be alarmed or concerned. There is also no reason to suspect that a high-level, evil, renegade Grey Librarian has constructed a 200’ tall Super Construct that has been programmed to destroy Ex-Libris.”


The Great Library announced today the 75th anniversary Black Librarian action figure collection -- Just in time for Black Librarian Appreciation Week! Only 75 sets will be made, so reserve your collection today. See your local Blue Librarian for pricing and details.


White Librarian Uluke confirmed today that she would be lending her technical expertise to the Accidental Detectives in solving the murder of Quinn O’Connor. Although the death of the wealthy trader was originally ruled a suicide, recent evidence uncovered by the Accidental Detectives has now changed the status to murder. Librarian Uluke is an expert in South Point herbology and toxicology.


The Tome Theatre is proud to announce a special weekend performance of Pacifican Disciple on singing sensation’s east coast tour. The lead singer, Peter Angel, confirmed that his group will indeed sing their epic “Door to a Thousand Churches”. The Illuvatar’s Honour Dinner Theatre is presenting “Bounty Killer”, a thrilling tale of the Chaotic West where justice was dealt from the barrel of a gun. The Chan Theatre is showing “House of Flying Scimitars”, an acrobatic drama from East Point. Buy tickets to all three and save 15%. Blue Librarians are standing by!



  • For Our Welcome Visitors

Keep track of what your Librarians can do for you! Refer to their function by Colour.

And remember, friends, there's only one

punishment for any crime in Ex-Libris, so behave yourself while in our Fair City!


Black: Assassins. The bravest guardians of Knowledge and Order. They teach the Final Lesson to the lawless!

Blue: Clerical Need copied made? Need theatre tickets? Need to renew a smuggling license? Look no further!

Green: Master merchant/craftsmen. Need high quality and a great warranty, buy Green!

Grey: Technical. Need a bridge built? Need a clock fixed? Got a busted pipe? Grey is the Way!

Indigo: Journeymen. These are the brave seekers of the lost knowledge and wisdom beyond our city gates!

Orange: Guards and Constables serving the Citizens of Ex-Libris and defending us from law breakers.

Purple: The Chief Librarian. All praise our Master Librarian, Lord of Knowledge!

Red: Guard/Constable Captains – The Colour that doesn't run!

White: True Librarians. Looking for a rare book, scroll, or map? Start your search here!

Tan: Our reservists on times of need!

Yellow: Students of the Ways of Colour - the Librarians of Tomorrow!