The Parse Soothsayer

"Truth for all, all for truth"

Nokul 12, 2732


Hell Hounds attacked and killed five children at Hanged Man Park -- four were immolated, while the fifth was eaten alive. While the screams of the dying tots was allegedly audible across several city blocks, we're proud to report that the Parse citizenry fulfilled their civic duty, namely to mind their own business! Well done, sinners!


Carga Cha'Treegel was presented with society's highest honor today -- the annual Mask of Exalted Citizenship award. When asked how he earned such a coveted citation, Cha'Treegel said, "I did it the Parse way: I didn't see anything, I didn't hear anything, I didn't say anything, I didn't do anything." Truly, sinners, Cha'Treegel knows the score. Follow his example, you worms, or you'll get what's coming to you!


The Office of the Overmask announced today that it is offering double bonus credits for denouncing a disloyal family member. That's right, sinners, you can get rich while making Parse a more orderly and less subversive place!  


Looking to earn a hundred creds? Take this month's Puzzle Challenge! Be the first to finish the puzzle and win the cash. Be the last to finish and be cut down like the worthless cur that you are! Find all ten hidden words and mail the puzzle back to the Overmask.