The Parse Sooth-Sayer

“Truth for All, All for the Truth”

Nokul 4, 2732




Arch-Traitor Nem Cha’Renthru, leader of the swiftly defeated rebel upstart group Unmasked Parse, was beheaded at noon today in Criminal’s Square. “We were going to simply hang him,” said a representative of the Overmask. “But we thought the masses might like to see a little bloodshed.” The Arch-Traitor was caught last week distributing literature slandering the Grey Masks and their glorious and just leadership. Remember, sinners, the blood spilled today could just as easily been yours, so tow the line!


Venom-Tongue Theatre announced today that this week’s play, “Death and Circuses” will employ a new style of presentation called “method acting”. “The till’s been running a little short, and the last two plays didn’t exactly sell out,” said Rek Chi’Mireau, theatre owner. “We asked the patrons what they wanted, and we’re giving it to them. We’re going to make the actors do everything for real!” The play “Death and Circuses” is a bloodthirsty play depicting the fall of the Duke’s evil, corrupt, and blasphemous regime and the bright and sacred emergence of the Grey Masks -- the only true guardians of Parse. This time, however, there’ll be no theatrical swords or confectioner’s glass. This time, the actors are going to do it for real!


The weather today and tomorrow will be exactly the same as it has been for the past ten years: Grey, misty, clammy, cool, dank, dark, cloying, colourless, suffocating, and generally unpleasant. What the heck did you expect, you miserable worms?!


If you rearrange the letters of the phrase “Omen Like Loss”, you get “Someone Kills”. Yes indeedy!