The Parse Sooth-Sayer

“Truth for All, All for the Truth”

Nokul 14, 2732




The Grey Masks were unable to find the criminal who defaced the Church of the Angry Judge two nights ago, so they picked out someone who sort-of looked like the felon and whipped him to death instead. "Hey, don't blame me," said the masked executioner, "I'm just following orders. Besides," he added, "everyone's guilty of something! Especially you lousy sinners!


The Venom Tongue Theatre is pleased to report a sell-out crowd for its revamped production of "Death and Circuses". "'Method Acting' was the key to sucess," the anonymous production manager said. "The audience loved it when real people died on stage, splattering the first four rows with real blood. Viva Violence!"


Once again, the Overmask and the Grey Masks are working hard for a well-ordered society. The Office of Punishment and Torture is pleased to announce that it is expanding its operations by adding a special 9th level sub-basement to the dungeons below Reform House. "We've really outdone ourselves this time," said a brave, honourable (but masked and unidentified) spokesman for the OP&T. "We've contracted the best engineers and physicians to create tools and devices that will give new meaning to the word 'pain'". Yes indeed, sinners, your government works for YOU!


The winner of the 100 Creds was one of those interlopers - a cretin named "Kor". The loser was Murtok Cha'Lintro, who was clubbed to death with truncheons at noon today. Stay tuned for other chances to win either cash or an agonising death!