The Parse Sooth-Sayer

“Truth for All, All for the Truth”

Nokul 21, 2732




The Overmask issued a grave warning for all sinners at noon today -- a warning about the dangerous Interlopers who have invaded our lawful and orderly city. “These deviant felons have been tolerated long enough,” said a disguised, unnamed spokesman for the Overmask. “Their crime and treachery has been tolerated long enough!” The Interlopers apparently went on a violent and deadly crime spree that began when they attacked, without provocation, two triads of Grey Masks. The brave sentinels of order were defeated by the band of craven criminals. The Interlopers did not stop there, however. “They went on two murder three shop keepers, a wagoneer, and two teachers before going on to rape beat up two children and a retired monk. I’ve never seen anything like it!”  


Fortunately, you undeserving sinners, the Interlopers’ days are numbered. The gracious and all-powerful Overmask is going to release the most vicious and dire monster from the deepest recesses of her darkest dungeon. “Citizens of Parse,” the spokesman promised, “we are going to unleash the Revanche Noir!”


Doctor Dregnar Cha’Tuyerof of the Office of Punishment and Torture announced a breakthrough in truth-compulsion. “This handheld device transmits pain directly to the victim’s brain through nerve induction,” he bragged. “And the pain setting is adjustable, from mild discomfort all the way to sanity-crushing, soul-rending agony.” The OP&T is working on a ranged version for remote delivery of negative stimuli, which should be available by next cycle.  


The air temperature dropped by a degree yesterday, and several eyewitnesses report seeing an actual drop of rain fall from the sky. “The weather’s been the same for the past ten years! what does this mean? Is it the beginning of the end for all of us?” Shopkeeper Mornaga Chi’Forntui asked before being stabbed to death by a triad of Grey Masks, who were doing the civic duty of maintaining the peace and order. Chi’Forntui’s next of kin were also executed, just to play it safe.


There’s no such thing as “living” -- there’s only dying. Each day you’re not dead is just one day closer to being dead.