The Parse Sooth-Sayer

“Truth for All, All for the Truth”

Nokul 28, 2732


The Grey Masks rounded up three more members of the traitorous, so-called "resistance" movement and cut them to pieces in Execution Square at high noon this afternoon. "It should give you worthless, sniveling sinners some piece [sic] of mind knowing your moral-betters are protecting your lazy hides from anarchists and bloodthirsty Interlopers," said a brave, disguised, honorable, and sharply-dressed spokesman for the Overmask. "But that's not the real news," he added. "Our black-box doctors are even now reassembling the body parts of the traitors so as to create a new and powerful monster -- for the defense of the common good, of course!"


The Venom Tongue Theater is canceling tonight's dramatic opera, "Killed Pop, Married Mom" due to a temporary shortage of acting talent. "Who would have thought 'method acting' and 'reality theater' would have become so popular?" VTT owner mused. But fear not, sinners, your local government is always looking out for YOU! The Office of Punishment and Torture is pleased to enter into a joint venture with the Venom Tongue by supplying the theater with political prisoners to train as method actors! Huzzah!


Think your spouse is a secret member of the resistance? Is your cousin slandering the Overmask? If so, the OP&T wants to hear from YOU! We've just increased the bounty for betraying a family member to $500 creds! And theres a double bonus multiplier if it results in a public execution. Earn money while towing the line!


You may think you're a good person, but that hasn't restarted the Great Windmill yet, has it?! Look at it every day so that you sinful pigs don't forget that the Grey Curse is ALL YOUR FAULT!