Combat Forms Overview

This section describes how the player characters interact with other characters and monsters in hostile and combative situations.  Because Gaianar is a dark and violent world, even the most peace-loving PC will have to fight occasionally.  Things of evil exist in the world that must be destroyed.  Undead abound in roving packs, and there always seems to be a Scaxathrom Priest ready to summon an otherworldly creature to ruin your character's day.  Pirates sail the high seas looking for undefended ships, while bands of cutthroats, Barbarians, and thieves range the cities and countryside looking for the simple traveler to rob and kill.

The general types of combat include melee, missile, spirit, empathic, ship, and flight.  Details are shown below.

This form of combat involves fighting hand-to-hand and up close.  Combatants typically fight within 1// of each other or in adjacent squares or the same square, if possible, on a standard battle-map, where each square represents a 5-foot by 5-foot area.  Examples of melee combat exchanges are characters that fight with swords, staves, clubs, daggers, claws, feet, and hands.

This type of combat involves fighting from a distance.  Most missile combat occurs between combatants that are further than 1// from each other or in non-adjacent squares in a battle-map. However, a character could use a weapon at closer range This is what is called "point blank range". Typical missile weapons are those that use projectiles, beams, gaseous clouds, and rays.  Examples of missile weapons are bow and arrow, handguns, darts, spears, thrown daggers, stun guns, laser beams, gaze attacks, whips, and fragmentary explosions.

Instead of fighting physical entities with physical weapons, spirit combat occurs on the spiritual level between characters and supernatural creatures or entities.  In spirit combat, characters are usually at odds against demons, summoned creatures, Undead, enhanced creatures, possessed entities, spells, powers, consecrated items, and artifacts.  Instead of hit points being the key to survival, it is instead the character's Willpower.  While failure rarely results in death, fates such as insanity and possession are common. Unless otherwise stated, there are three rounds of spirit combat per round of physical combat.

Unlike the previous three combat types, nobody usually dies in empathic combat.  Fighting of this type involves using the power of one's mind to crush an opponent's bravery or initiative.  It is also used to defend against such attacks.  This type of combat requires both Willpower and Empathic Resistance.  Like spirit combat, three rounds of empathic combat occur within the time frame of one round of physical combat.

With this type of combat, hostile forces fight each other from vast distances with cannons, harpoons, and catapults.  Generally, the victor is the one whose boat is still afloat. In boat combat, the skill of the Captain and Navigator is imperative, as is the structural integrity, speed, and weaponry of the boat.  Because boat combat is a form of physical combat, it takes place in the same time scale as missile and melee combat.  The distances involved in boat combat are measured in "||" instead of "//" (where one || = 10//).

The only truly three dimensional combat on Gaianar, this type of fighting takes place between flying creatures and/or air ships.  Part of the success of aerial combat involves the speed and maneuverability class of the flying creature or airship.  Moreover, the structural integrity and weaponry of involved airships are also important.  Changelings and Fey have the innate ability to fly; other types of flight involve hang gliders, hot air balloons, dirigibles, and parachutes.  Flying creatures usually attack with missile weapons.  The time frame for combat rounds is the same as in physical combat.