Gaining Combat / Noncombat Skills

In basic terns, “proficiency” is an area of expertise.  An artist may have proficiency in sculpting; a successful blacksmith knows weapon craft and metalworking.  The proficiencies fall into two categories, combat and noncombat skills.  The combat skills generally allow the Player Character to survive in a dark and violent society while the noncombat skills permit the Player Character to earn a living between adventures.  The chart below describes the rate in which Player characters accumulate new proficiency slots. 

The progression ascends in intervals of five levels.  Thus, a Priest would gain a combat slot at levels 2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 17, and 19.  As stated earlier, it takes two slots to begin a new skill, but only one slot to improve an already known skill. The following table is a duplicate of one earlier in this book, but it is provided again here for reference.

Table: Bonus Skills and Skill Progression
Class Skill Bonus Combat slots Noncombat slots


Initial Progression
Barbarian Running, Read Sigils 8 v v v v v 4 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ
Cavalier armour Craft, Ride Land Animal (usually Horse) 7 v v v v v 5 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ
Gunslinger Mental Defense, Direction Sense, Law Knowledge 6 v v ˇ v v 6 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ
Investigator Law Knowledge, Read/Write 6 v ˇ v ˇ v 6 v v ˇ v v
Jack Ancient Technology, Read/Write 5 v ˇ v ˇ v 7 v v v v v
Speaker Forensics, Read/Write 4 v ˇ v ˇ v 8 v v ˇ v v
Necromancer Read/Write, Occult Knowledge 4 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ 8 v v v v v
Mathematic Read/Write, Mathematics 2 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ 10 v v u v v
Paladin Ride Land Animal (choose), Religion 6 v v v v v 6 v ˇ v ˇ v
Priest Read/Write, Religion 4 v ˇ v ˇ v 8 v v v v v
Protector Religion, Healing 6 v v v v v 6 v ˇ v ˇ v
Ranger Animal Lore, Plant Lore 6 v ˇ v ˇ v 6 v v ˇ v v
Shaman Read Sigils, Religion, Occult Knowledge 5 v ˇ v ˇ v 7 v v v v v
Thief Disguise, Intimidate 7 v v ˇ v v 5 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ
Warrior Running, Weapon Craft 10 v v u v v 2 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ
Wishsinger Read/Write, Singing, Musical Instrument 3 ˇ v ˇ v ˇ 9 v v v v v
w- No Slot Gained, v- 1 Slot Gained, u- Two Slots Gained