Banes and Boons

While some people seem to be born lucky, some seem to be losers from the start. This optional table can be used to determine some predefined attributes, birth defects, and special blessings.

It should be known that it is difficult to have a bane or a boon. To determine this, roll a 1d20 (20-sided die). A 1 indicates a bane (a bad thing), while a 20 indicates a boon (a good thing. This table aside describes the banes and boons a character might have

Table: Banes and Boons
d20 Bane Boon
1 Poor hearing: -25% to Hear Noise/ Listen; -3 to sound-related perception checks. Good health: +20% to disease resistance. Immune to poison ivy & common cold.
2 Speech impediment: -1 to speech related checks. Keen eye: +1 to one vision- related check per day.
3 Missing / rotten teeth. -4 to Comeliness. Good at gambling:  +3 to all gambling rolls.
4 Bad luck: GM can undo one character roll per day. Good luck: Character can retake one failed roll per day.
5 Clumsy: Maximum DEX is 8. Hulk: Minimum Strength is 15.
6 Nearsighted: Character has -2 to hit and -1 to damage for all missile attacks. Fleet Feet: Extra 3// to base movement.
7 Horse Enmity:  All riding animals will hate the character. Internal Compass: +4 to any checks against being lost.
8 Cleft Palette: Max Comeliness is 8. Tough Skin: +2 to base armour class.
9 Cowardly followers: Character never attracts henchmen or followers w/ moral > 8. Mastermind: Can operate at +4 INT or WIS for one turn each day.
10 Fatigue: Character needs one extra hour of sleep per night. Low Metabolism: Character needs only ½ normal food quantities.
11 Directionless: Will get lost easily (roll Panic check to resist) Fearless: May retake one failed save vs.. fear related once per day.
12 Loveless: -8 to CHR when dealing w/ opposite sex. Strong Mind: +10% to empathic resistance
13 Broke: Start game 2d4 GP in debt. Educated: Already know read/write.
14 Bad First Impression: -4 to all Initial Reaction rolls. Sentinel: Character needs only half normal sleep.
15 Thin Blood: Takes extra point of damage from impaling/cutting wounds. Iron Jaw: Immune to boxer’s “KO.” Sys Shock save +1.
16 Albino: Allergic to sunlight; -4 to light-based saving throws. Heat Thrive: Can take 120° temp indefinitely; 150° @ 1 rn/Endurance point.
17 Eating Disorder: Character gains 4d6 lb.. per level. Open Mind: +10% to base empathic rating.
18 Power Fizzle: 25% chance per use innate power will fail to invoke. Natural Climber: +25% to Climb Walls and Walk Tightrope.
19 Poor Health: -1 to all hit point acquisition rolls. Quick Recovery: Heals an extra point each day
20 Roll twice Roll twice


Taking a Boon causes the character to take a 1% to 5% penalty on experience (as deemed appropriate by the Game Master, while a bane will give the character a 1% to 5% bonus (again ruled by the GM.) No player can “automatically” get a Bane or Boon. This must happen by deciding to take the risk of rolling for Bane and Boons.