Creating a Character

Creating a character under the Gaianar rules is a relatively straightforward process. The steps include rolling up Primary Attributes, calculating ability scores (secondary attributes), choosing a race and gender, and, finally, choosing a profession for your character. These steps are described in this section of the World of Gaianar rules.

1.        Choose a race. The choices are Human, Elf, Dwarf, Changeling, and Fey.  The Game Master may also allow the two optional races, which are Construct and Werite.

2.        Roll the primary attributes. Depending on the race, each attribute may have bonuses or penalties in each attribute. All attributes are based on the human norm. Note that the GM may allow players to reroll “hopeless” characters - these are character with an average Primary Attribute Score below the rolled mathematical average of 12.

3.        Calculate ability checks. Ability checks are secondary characteristics that are based on combinations of the primary attributes. For example, Endurance, an ability check, is based on the arithmetic mean of Strength and Constitution, both of which are primary attributes.

4.        Choose a character class. The availability of the various character classes has everything to do with the character's race and capabilities.

5.        Roll an innate power. All sentient beings in Gaianar are born with one innate power that they can call upon at least once per day as required; an ace up one's sleeve, so to speak.

6.        Roll up hit points and spirit points. Calculate saving throws. Select initial languages, skills, equipment, and possessions.