Table: Critical Rolls for Missile Attacks
D20 Success Effect Failure Effect
20 Crippling blow: Enemy must save versus magical weapon or else have to roll on the “Dreadful Wounding” chart. If save is successful, treat as “Impaling Blow”. Ordinary failure, but character looks bad doing it.
19 Impaling blow! Attack deals double damage, shocking your foe. You gain an additional missile attack against enemy this round. Distracted: Attacker misses this round, and goes on last initiative next round.
18-17 armour piercing shot: Defender’s armour must make a Save vs. Crushing Blow or suffer a permanent -1 penalty to AC. Magical items gain a +2 bonus to this save. Slow focus causes the attacker to lose his next attack this round.
16-13 Bleeding wound: Enemy takes 1d4 points of additional damage for the next 1d4 rounds. Reload fumble: Attacker must make a successful Dexterity Check or drop his bullets, arrows, etc. It takes 1 round to recover dropped items.
12-9 Rapid shot: Get an extra missile attack against enemy. Recoil injury or muscle strain in hand: Next 4 missile attacks are at -1 to hit and with a -2 penalty to initiative.
8-5 Target lock: Next missile attack against enemy is at +4 to hit and +2 to damage. Target enraged: Your target notices your missed shot and decides to finish you off. Enemy gets a free attack against you, if possible.
4-2 Painful strike: Attack deals an additional 3 damage. Horrid aim! If your target is in melee with your allies, you hit one of them by accident. If not, you fumble your weapon. Dropped weapons take 1 round to recover.
1 Ordinary success, but character looks good doing it. Weapon failure: If wielding a gun, a bullet jams and backfires, dealing you 1d4 points of damage. If wielding a bow, the string breaks. Otherwise, lose remaining attacks this round. It takes 5 rounds to repair damaged weapons for use again.