Dreadful Wounding

The following Dreadful Wounding Table can be used by GMs to instill a more gruesome and painful sense of realism in the game by randomly determining which organs or appendages get mangled on a Critical Success or under other unpleasant conditions, such as those caused by traps.

Table: Dreadful Wounding
1d4 Type of Dreadful Wounding
1 Bruised badly - Appendage unusable for 1d4 turns
2 Broken - Appendage suffers bone fracture
3 Crippled - treat as #1, but duration lasts 2d4 weeks
4 Amputated - Limb is just plain blown off.  (Hand attacks and bludgeoning weapons treat at #3)
Table: Appendage dreadfully wounded
1d6 1d4 Body Part
1 1 Skull
  2 Eye
  3 Nose
  4 Ear
2 1 Finger
  2 Hand
  3 Arm to Elbow
  4 Arm to Shoulder
Text Box:  
With a sword blow that Sir Ferric Bleakstone never thought possible, the Hellwing's head sheared neatly from the creature's body, leaving only ooze and puss to spew from its open neck.


1 Toe
  2 Foot
  3 Leg to Knee
  4 Leg to Hip
4 1 Rib
  2 Visceral organs
  3 Back
  4 Neck
5 1-3 Butt
  4 Groin (males), Breasts (females)
6 1 Misc. / Teeth
  2 Misc. / Kidney
  3 Misc. / Lungs
  4 Misc. / Heart