Spiritual Powers

For most character classes that have supernatural powers, the index of success is the Faith attribute.  Mathematicians and Wishsingers, however, use the Body-Mind-Spirit attribute instead. 

Table: Critical Rolls for Spiritual Powers


Success Effect

Failure Effect


Spiritual mastery: Double duration, range, and yield.

Ordinary failure, but character looks bad doing it.


Power does not cost any Spiritual Points or BMS points to invoke.

Power succeeds, but costs double BMS or Spiritual Points.


Wielder functions as if 3 levels higher.

Power fails, but still costs BMS or Spiritual Points.


Power uses half BMS or Spiritual Points.

Lack of faith: Next invocation for a spiritual power has a -4 penalty to the casting roll.


Spiritual focus: Immediately gain 10 Spiritual Points or 1 BMS for 1 day.

Confusion: Cannot invoke Spiritual Powers for the next round.


Gain an extra Wish Piece.

Power sink: Power fails and character loses 1d4 BMS and 1d10 Spiritual Points.


Ordinary success, but character looks good doing it.

Lose focus: Dazed for the next 1d4 rounds. The character can only parry and take defensive actions, and cannot invoke spiritual powers or innate abilities.