Table: Lodging
Type Day Wk Mo.
Sleeping in a filthy, rat infested gutter Free Free Free
Whorehouse (see “Services” for whore type) 7 gP -- --
Roach Motel, complete with dirty sheets and bad fare 1 CP -- --
Inn, normal quality, clean sheets, with good fare 2 CP 1 SP --
Church Lodging (for traveling clergy.) Free 1SP 2 SP
Inn, high class in large city. Complete with decent, large room and very good fare.  3 CP 15 CP 5 SP
Cottage, simple (pay for own meals) -- 6 CP 2 SP
Townhouse (pay for own meals) -- -- 3 SP

The aforementioned rates may be modified up or down, depending on the neighborhood in which the lodging is located.  For example, housing is cheap in Cali because evil cultists roam the streets looking to steal and kill small children, whereas housing may be more expensive in Saboo where there is virtually no crime at all.  If "rat infested gutter" option is chosen, characters must match Constitution against a disease of effective strength 6 or else the character contracts a mild disease.