Equipment, Services, and Supplies

A properly equipped character is a must for a Gaianarian adventurer.  A good suit of plate mail and a shining broad sword are the meat and drink of the Cavalier, while healing potions, holy water, and good solid club are staples of the Priest.  Of course sometimes holy water is hard to find in a Crystallin town, and the local Barbarian horde only specializes in bearskin leather.  Thus, the characters must frequently comprise between what they want and what they can get by on.

The series of tables that follow list some of the more common items for sale in the various cities of Gaianar.  This is not to suggest that everything is available everywhere, or even at the suggested prices.  The laws of physics may have taken a blow, but the laws of supply and demand are alive and well.

Of course, not everything is equally easy to find. After all, it’s easier to track down a hamburger than it is to track down a machine gun. “Common” items are pretty much available in every town unless the GM has a compelling reason not to make these items available. “Hard to Find” items may be available in one or two shops, and then not in large quantities. “Very Rare” items are almost always found in larger cities, and then in finite quantities. In smaller towns, these items are strictly special order. “Almost impossible to find” is just that  - almost impossible to find. It is doubtful these items will be carried in any but the most specialized and arcane of stores. More often than not, these items must be won via combat or adventuring.