Healing Potions and Antitoxins

Useful for treating injuries, healing potions can be imbibed or poured directly into wounds.  They are usually sold in glass vials of six ounces. Antitoxins are more difficult to find and are more expensive.  Antitoxins neutralize poisons. The latter elixirs are stored in metal vials and hold a one-ounce dose. For characters wishing to create healing potions or antitoxins, all that is needed is a functioning chemistry lab or apothecary lab, and skill in Chemistry or Herbalism equal in intensity to the potency of the desired potion. Thus, a character with Herbalism (4) who has access to an apothecary facility can create an int(4) healing potion, whereas a person with Chemistry (3) in a well stocked chemistry lab could concoct an intensity (3) healing potion. The Game Master may assign penalties or limits on intensity if the character cannot access a lab or apothecary.

Table: Healing Potion Yields
Intensity Healing Cost (CP) Availability   Intensity Healing Cost (CP) Availability
1 1d4 1 Common   4 1d12 9 Hard to find
2 1d6 3 Common   5 2d8 15 Very Rare
3 1d8 4.5 Common   6 2d10 20 Very Rare

Table: Antitoxin Costs | Click for Poisons

Intensity Cost (CP) Availability   Intensity Cost (CP) Availability
1 3 Hard to find   4 36 Very rare
2 10 Hard to find   5 60 Very rare
3 25 Hard to find   6 85 Almost impossible to find