Holy Water

From a strict chemical sense, Holy Water is no different than ordinary water.  However, Holy Water has been blessed with the spiritual presence of the God of Good and thus has a caustic effect against denizens of the Undead and the constructs and practitioners of evil powers.  The table below displays the damage inflicted against supernaturally evil creatures.

Table: Effects of Holy Water versus Evil Creatures
Text Box: The Nexus surveyed his helpless victim.  Chained in manacles to a coarse wooden rack, the prisoner tried not to look at his malevolent captor.
"So you say you don't want to talk, eh?" Nexus Veeri gloated.  "I can make you talk.  You can tell me about the Underground militia now, or you can beg me for death an hour from now.  It all depends on you."
The prisoner spat in the Nexus's face.
"Very well, fool," Veeri, snapped, reaching for an eyedropper filled with viscous black fluid.  You haven't seen the light, and I suppose now you never will!" 
The Nexus forced open one of the prisoner's eyes and let three drops of sodium hydroxide, a strong base, fall into his victim eye.  The cornea opaqued, and the prisoner screamed the shrill cry of the hopeless damned.
"There's more where this came from!"


Incorporeal Spirits 1d2 points damage to Willpower
Possessing Spirit 1 point of damage to Willpower
Summoned Creature (evil alignment) 2d4 points damage to Hit Points
Undead 3d4 points damage to Hit Points

An attack of holy water can be used just once against a possessing or incorporeal spirit. But against demons and physical Undead, multiple applications can yield multiple damage.

If a character of good alignment drinks a vial of Holy Water, he of she receives one hit point of healing.  This benefit can be received only once per day.

Holy Water retains its properties indefinitely if stored in a specially consecrated vessel or font.  If kept in a container fashioned from silver, the liquid retains its properties for one week per level of the Priest. If stored in an ordinary container, the Holy Water remains effective for only one day per level of the Priest. For combat purposes, a "dose" of Holy Water is three fluid ounces.