Services While Traveling

Since most adventuring will take the characters far from their homelands, they will usually have to rely on the services of others for tasks such as cooking meals, mending armour, and repairing weapons.  Certain services, like thugging, assassination, and whoring, may radically affect a character's alignment.  Crew and passengers can only hire Ships’ Whores. A Ship’s Whore often doubles as an herbalist or lay physician. [Table]

Some services require a Tithe. A Tithe is considered 10% of all assets, not just what the character currently carries on his or her person.  Thus, raising the dead isn't cheap, but then of what price life?

Certain difficult services require a Quest rather than monetary payment.  A Quest is a dangerous mission assigned by the Church in exchange for a dangerous request (like destroying an evil magical artifact.)  Thus, while the Church will perform the request for free, the beneficiary will probably end up wishing cold cash would do.

Table: Services While Traveling
Service Cost
Analysis/Identification of a supernatural or technological device 3 SP
Artist, for portrait or sculpture (per diem) 6 CP
Assassin, for a paid murder (per level of assassin and per level of victim) 1 SP
Bath & shave 1 CP
Burial, religious 5 SP
Burial, civil 3 SP
Burial, cremation 1 CP
Conversion of Undead into Life Quest
Destruction of an artifact Quest
Doomsayer, per hour (moans, wears ash/ sackcloth) 1 CP
Gossip hound 1d4 CP
Guide, city, per day 4 CP
Healing of diseases 6 CP
Healing of injuries 5 CP
Healing of insanity 1 SP
Legal services per day (assuming honest Lawyer or Law-twister) 1 SP
Legal services per day (assuming dishonest Law-twister) 1 GP
Making a reliable map, point A to point B 1 SP
Minstrel, per meal or performance 1 CP
Private Eye, per diem 3d6 CP
Raising of the dead Tithe
Removal of curse 2 SP
Removal of demonic possession 1 SP
Repair armour 10%
Repair Weapon 15%
Ship’s passage, employed Free
Ship’s passage, high class (per diem) 7 CP
Ship’s passage, standard (per diem) 5 CP
Ship’s passage, steerage (per diem) 3 CP
Thug, for beating up a target 2d6 CP
Veterinary care of horse or dog 5 CP
Whore, clean (per hour) 8 CP
Whore, disreputable (per hour) 2 CP
Whore, ship mistress, per diem (Knows Healing(2), Herbalism(2), Cooking(2), Sewing(2)) 3 CP