Recovering from Injuries

Of course, characters will usually not succeed in their saving throws. The most frequent result of this failure is injury.  The type of injury depends on the source of attack.  For example, most "system shock" saves hurts the body, while "spiritual power" saves hurts the mind, and “death magic” hurts the soul.

Gaianar is a violent world. The fighting clans of West Point have had a blood lust for centuries.  In North Point, the local Scaxathrom Priests are always looking for a few unwilling volunteers to become Zombies and Empty Silhouettes.  In the East, where foreigners are viewed as unwelcome outcasts, violating any of their laws may be punishable by death.  And in South Point, ancient race wars have only gotten more bitter and calculated with the passage of time.

For the character unfortunate to be born on the decimated world of Gaianar, living and dying by sword or spell is strictly status quo.  There are many ways a character can be injured: physical, spiritual, and psychic.  This section describes the types.