Time, Gravity, and Seasons

A Gaianar clock has a hand for hours, turns, and rounds.  Thus, the hours cycle from 1 to 12, the turns cycle from 1 to 6, and the rounds cycle from 1 to 10.  Some watches have a segment hand that clicks from 1 to 20.  A tower clock or wrist watch would thus have a large outer dial in which the hours and turns cycle (1-12 and 1-6, since they are divisible into one another), and an inner dial in which the rounds and segments cycle (again because 1-20 and 1-10 are evenly divisible).

Text Box: "Gravity is our greatest enemy," the Changeling Warrior stated, "For without the chains of the downward pull, we could stay aloft forever.  The sunlight, clouds, and sky are beloved to us."

Time, Days, and Seasons

Certain times of day are also named.  Just as "noon" is a name for 12:00pm, and "midnight" is a name for 12:00am, the time conventions for Gaianar also have named times of day and night, as shown below.

Table: Time, Days, and Seasons

Name of Time Absolute Time   Name of Day Meaning   Name of Month Meaning
Midnight 12:0:0 AM   Red’di Day of the Resurrection   Darkah Darkness Month
Quarternight 3:0:0 AM   Gai’di Day of the sun   Issamah Ice Month
Dawn 6:0:0 AM   Wakken’di Day of the Watcher   Sowanah Planting Month
Rise 7:3:0 AM   Aquin’di Day of water   Verdinah Green Month
Quarterrise 9:0:0 AM   Terr’di Day of land   Havstanah Harvest month
Midday 12:0:0 PM   Marten’di Day of death   Gaianah Brightness Month
Fullday 3:0:0 PM   Sollna’di Day of sleep   Huntenah Hunting Month
Quarterset 4:3:0 PM       Ambernah Month of Many colours
Evening 6:0:0 PM       Bonenah Month of Bones
Quarternight 7:3:0 PM        
Fullnight 9:0:0 PM