An awakened Construct, while sentient, is not truly alive. Thus, if the Construct dies, it is truly dead, without hope of resurrection or an afterlife. There are a few ways that an awakened Construct can cross over into life. 

A Construct can save three wishes and use them to become a living being. Alternatively, a willing good-aligned Priest of a good-aligned deity can attempt a divine intervention (optional rule). If this rule is used, the Priest can make one attempt per week. A Priest can also use Imbue with Life Energy. This has a change of success equal to 1% per level of the Priest. Finally, a cadre of Wishsingers can attempt the Song of Life Magic. In this instance, a focal Wishsinger must since Song of Life Magic, while a chorus of Wishsingers equal in number to the structural points of the Construct must sing Song of Many Voices. Again, this has a change of success equal to 1% per level of the focal Wishsinger.

Becoming real has several important ramifications. First and foremost, the Construct is granted a soul. As a result, the Construct now has a Body-Mind-Spirit rating. This allows the Construct to advance in other professions. A Construct will always be a Warrior first, but will also be able to advance in another class as a secondary should the creature decide to do so.

Another consequence of becoming alive is that the Construct loses most of its resistance to empathic manipulation. Against empathy, illusions, and Death Magic, the resistance is reduced to 20%. However, supernatural healing spells will actually function. These powers must confer at least 10 hit points of healing in order to replace one structural point.

Oddly enough, becoming a living Construct does not cause the creature to eventually die of old age. While the Construct is mortal, it never grows infirm. It can only be destroyed by injury.
A living Construct, however, retains the vulnerability of being animated by a Theoretical Engine. Should this anima be destroyed, the Construct is not slain but is rendered immobilized until it can be imbued with a new Theoretical Engine. Moreover, a Steal Construct formula, and other related powers, cannot enslave, but can still bring grief and inconvenience to the living Construct by effectively de-animating them for the duration of the power.

For Living Constructs most of the saves are still based on the Item Save chart. Where applicable, however, a Living Construct uses the Warrior's saving throw chart. For example, a living construct is no longer immune to mental attacks, and would use a Warrior's save versus sleep/charm if a mental attack were waged against the Construct. If a Living Construct is split-classed, it may use the more favorable of the two saves.

All Constructs, whether Living or Awakened, take a 10% experience penalty due to their extraordinary combat capabilities and the fact that their health is based on Structural points rather than hit points.