This page gives the summary of the innate powers as well as how to roll to determine which one that a Player Character receives. The full version (with exact details of each power) is located in the Spiritual Powers section (as opposed to the Rules for Players section). The power summaries assume Intensity(2). Quick Link: External link opens in new tab or windowChaos Song

 Things to Consider

  • All Player Characters get one innate power. However, Construct Player Characters do not roll for an Innate Power because all Constructs have the same Innate Power: Complete Regeneration

  • A Player Character can expend one wish to increase an existing power or spend two wishes to start a brand-new innate power (which would start at the lowest intensity and be useable once per day).

  • Some Innate Powers can stack with spells or spell-like abilities. For instance, the Innate Power "Empathy" can stack with a Changeling's racial ability "Empathy".