Text Box: The next morning, the mule had become a monster.  Its teeth were gone, and both eyes were solid milky white.  It was much like a deranged leper.  Despite its eyes, it could obviously see.  It stared at Min and Jaelyn and disgorged a pile of twitching worms the size of carrots.  A rattling, braying sound escaped its jaws and a clout of black pestilence accompanied it.  
---Excerpt from the Journal of Hunter Rief


 Table: Various Beasts for Purchase

Animal Cost Availability
Camel 3 SP Very rare
Dog, guard 1 SP Common
Dog, hunting or sled 1.5 SP Common
Donkey 1 SP Common
Falcon, hunting 1 PP Almost impossible to find
Giant Snail 3 SP Very Rare
Giant Hawk 3 PP Almost impossible to find
Horse, draft 1.5 SP Common
Horse, riding* 2 SP Common
Horse, war* 4 SP Hard to find
Mule (non-Undead) 1 SP Common
Mule (Undead) They pay you. All too common
* The price of a horse may be modified, depending on its properties.  for example, an old broken down nag may be worth only half the standard value.  A well-trained, intelligent horse, on the other hand, may be worth 2-3 times the standard rate.