The World of Gaianar occupies a celestial intersection between a variety of planes of existence. This has caused certain metals and minerals to behave in unusual ways.



Black Basalt

This stone is inherently magically resistive. Standing on black basalt or wearing jewelry against one’s skin made from black basalt may grant bonuses to certain kinds of saving throws. Buildings constructed from black basalt will resist a variety of magical effects.


This is a poisonous metal that is tied to the Plane of Shadow. While it has no effect on Undead, it causes enhanced damage to living organisms. Stockpiling a lot of cadmium in one place may also open an intermittent portal to the Plane of Shadow wherein non-sentient, feral Undead may emerge. Undead may choose to craft rings made from this relatively soft metal. They essentially work the same way as a hematite ring except it absorbs one attack from the Plane of Light or Plane of Radiance before self-destructing.


This metal is injurious to incorporeal spirits. While ghosts, angels, and demons typically do not have hit points in their ordinary forms, exposure to cobalt will sap their willpower and spiritual point reserves. Incorporeal spirits cannot be killed by cobalt, but they certainly can be driven away with this metal.


This stone resists negative energy and death magic (both are actually the same force, albeit at different intensities). This stone is often crafted into rings and will allow the wearer to shrug off one death magic attack. The ring typically shatters upon absorbing the attack.


The Fey are allergic to this metal. As Fey are essentially energy creatures endowed with physical form, they cannot abide exposure to the only element that no energy potential whatsoever (this metal actually kills stars in real life). Fey take enhanced damage from iron weapons and become rapidly fatigued if forced into physical contact with this metal.


This metal is injurious to Undead. As this metal is tuned to the Plane of Light and Undead are tethered to the Plane of Shadow, injuries inflicted by silver weapons typically confer more damage. Likewise, Undead individuals may become rapidly fatigued if forced to endure prolonged physical contact with this metal.