Protectors are a special kind of holy warriors. They are often charged with safeguarding the life of a Priest and often are tasked with defending the defenseless. Unlike other "fighter" types, a Protector is primarily a defensive warrior. A Protector draws danger to himself and away from others. A Protector's magic is also primarily defensive (such as recovering hit points or transferring health to others). Unlike Paladins, Protectors are permitted to walk (a bit) on the dark side if the end result is that the Protectorate's life is defended and saved. They are servants of the light, however, and their calling is one of service and protection. Moreover, they will not knowingly protect someone of evil alignment (unless it is to make sure they stay alive to stand trial). Protectors have a limited ability to affect Undead. Like Constructs, the only way to make sure that a Protector stays down is to utterly destroy him. Like Priests and Paladins, a Protector draws upon the power of the Planes of Light and Radiance as well as deities of good alignment.

 Things to Consider

  • Protectors are the least materialistic of the character classes. They like well-made, durable equipment, but they are uninterested in accumulating cast sums of wealth.

  • Protectors rely on faith and their connection with the Divine. Therefore their spells expend Spirit Points and not BMS.

  • Protectors will bend the law and sometimes even do an evil act if it means that their Protectorate stays safe. They will, however, try to do what is lawful and good first.

  • A Protector is primarily a defensive warrior and can employ multiple parry routines per combat round..

  • Protectors loathe murderers and especially hate assassins. They have no problem in assisting Gunslingers in bringing these cretins to justice.

  • Protectors enjoy a variety of defensive spells and also have a limited ability to affect Undead.