Paladins are holy warriors who serve all that is good. They are servants of the light, righters of wrong, and defenders of the weak. Whereas Warriors and Barbarians are primarily offensive fighters and Protectors are mostly defensive, the Paladin strikes a balance between the two. Like Priests, Paladins have the power to heal others and to turn away Undead (albeit at less potency than a Priest). Paladins are welcome nearly everywhere. Their word is their bond. Their self-discipline and honor rivals that of the Gunslinger. the Paladin's supernatural powers draw from the Plane of Light (the realm of good souls) and the Plane of Radiance (the plane of life-energy and many good-aligned deities).

 Things to Consider

  • While Paladin/Gunslinger combinations are rare, Paladins and Gunslingers generally get along well and have interests that overlap.

  • Paladins rely on faith and their connection with the Divine. Therefore their spells expend Spirit Points and not BMS.

  • Paladins like having quality weapons and armor, but they are not materialistic in most other aspects of their lives.

  • A Paladin is a uniquely capable fighter against the Undead. They can affect Undead by faith, they can resist death magic, and they have the might of arm to slay the shambling dead if their supernatural gifts are insufficient.

  • Paladins have little love for thieves. And, while generous, they will not succumb to every beggar with a sad story and a cardboard sign.

  • While not all Necromancers are evil (perhaps even most Necromancers are not evil), it is exceedingly difficult for one in that profession to gain the trust of a Paladin because of the Necromancer's ties to planes of  Shadow and Conflagration.