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Wishsingers are members of a "scholarly" class. This means that they rely on magic more than force-of-arms, and that their magic comes from intense study and practice, rather than by intense prayer and meditation. These talented musicians are able to manipulate reality through song and music. Wishsingers are particularly useful in battle due to the fact that most of their spells are area-of-effect in nature rather than targeting a single individual or object. Wishsingers are vibrant, flamboyant, and not at all stealthy. Please note that all of the spells have been rewritten from scratch when compared to the Version 2 of World of Gaianar.

 Things to Consider

  • Wishisngers do not rely on Faith or Spiritual Points. They rely on Knowledge and Body-Mind-Spirit.

  • Wishisngers can be of any alignment, but they tend to favor chaotic profiles. After all, how many rock stars remind you of police officers?

  • Wishsingers are the only class in which members can combine efforts for greater effect. 

  • Wishsingers can use any weapon, but they tend to avoid heavy armor. After all, how would one play a guitar while wearing plate mail?

  • Wishisngers also tend to have resistance to sound-based attacks.