Warriors generally don't employ a lot of spiritual powers. They tend to solve life's challenges with strategy, planning, swords, and rifles. Gaianar is, however, a highly magical world, and a Warrior would be foolish to not use some of that magic for his/her benefit. Therefore, the Warrior does have a small arsenal of buffs that aid in combat. And while the Warrior has a pretty short spell list, it is important to remember that this class has the highest hit points, best attack rating, highest attacks per round, and the most combat proficiency slots.  Additionally, many Warrior's spells are additive to combat actions. For instance, a Warrior can cast "Aimed Blow" and swing a sword as a single action.

 Things to Consider

  • Warrior spiritual powers require a Body-Mind-Spirit check and sufficient BMS points. The check is off the maximum BMS, not the remaining BMS.

  • Like the Cavalier, Protector, and Paladin, a Warrior has access to the "Call Upon Chosen Weapon" spell.

  • Warrior spells can be cast in the same round as a weapon attack.