Because the World of Gaianar exists at the intersection of several different alternate dimensions (Radiance, Shadow, Imaginary, and Elemental, just to name a few), the energy from these realms has had a magically-infusing effect on humanoid life on this world. Because of this constant bombardment of low-level extraplanar energy, humanoids are born with access to an innate power that is usable at least once per day. These powers usually manifest during adolescence. An innate power is often weaker than a power one might use a learned spell to cast.

 Things to Consider

  • Innate powers do not have a casting time. They do not require words or material components.

  • These abilities use BMS, not Spirit Points.

  • These powers do not require special skill or study. However, they are generally weaker than spells that are bound to established character classes.

  • Materials that block magic (like black basalt) will also block innate powers.