Hit Points and Spirit Points are mandatory stats. The Game Master may optionally allow for determination of hand dominance and sexual orientation. Additionally, the Game Master may allow characters to have a Bane or Boon. 

 Things to Consider

  • Characters do not die at zero hit points, but they do become incapacitated. Character death occurs at -11 hit points.

  • Constructs have Structural Points instead of hit points. This means that they only take damage if they incur 10 or more hit points of damage in a given round. Constructs are disabled at 0 Structural points and are destroyed at -1.

  • A character brought to zero spirit points is not incapacitated but does incur a sense of spiritual fatigue. Spirit points recover naturally with time and rest.

  • Awakened Constructs do not accumulate spirit points but Living Constructs do. This is because Living Constructs have souls. A Living Construct should receive retroactive spirit points once it is endowed with a soul (this is one of the few exceptions to the "don't backdate" philosophy).