Things to Remember

  • Strength affects melee BAtCh (close-range fighting with weapons such as daggers and clubs). Dexterity affects missile BAtCh (long-range weapons such as guns and bows).

  • The modifiers used for the Parry BAtCh depends on what is being parried. The defender would use Dexterity modifiers if attempting to deflect a thrown blade or an arrow but would use Strength modifiers if parrying a blow from a sword or a staff.

  • Characters can parry with small weapons, but some damage may transfer to the character even if the parry is successful. An overloaded weapon may also break under pressure (for example, a dagger might snap if used to parry a blow from a battle ax).

  • As always, when playing split-class characters, take the most advantageous of the two values. For instance, a Gunslinger/Wishsinger hybrid would use the Gunslinger's BAtCh and attack routines.