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Gunslingers are the law enforcers of Gaianarian civilization. While the cities have (mostly) become places of relative safety, the spans in-between are infested with cut-throats, highwaymen, mutant monsters, and the walking dead. And so the Gunslingers stand for law, defending friend and stranger alike from the lawless. While Gunslingers do not have the "Chosen Weapon" power that give an edge to Cavaliers, Barbarians, Paladins, and Protectors, Gunslingers instead have two Tiers of supernatural powers instead of only one. For access to Tier 2, a Gunslinger must be 6th level or higher.

 Things to Consider

  • Gunslinger spiritual powers require a Faith check and sufficient Spiritual Points.

  • Gunslingers have heightened spiritual perception compared to other fighter types, enabling them to detect and resist both spiritual powers and illusions.

  • High Faith also unlocks the Gunslinger's Granted Powers.

  • A Gunslinger projects an aura of Order which is similar in concept to a Cavalier's Sphere of Bravery. The Gunslinger's aura, however, grants a Saving Throw bonus to allies of Ordered alignment (Saintly, Lawful, and Despotic).

  • Gunslingers do not have the ability to directly affect Undead by acts of faith. Certain Disciplines do, however have some effect against the walking dead.