From a While the Tier 1 and Tier 2 spells have both combat and roleplaying applications, the Tier 3 spells are primarily designed for roleplaying and not actual battles. For example, the Tier 3 spells assist in controlling fires and floods. Many of the spells at this tier require assistance from the Ranger's companions (or the collaboration of a group of Rangers).  Most of the spells in this tier have the same casting cost and have similar casting mechanics. Tier 3 spells are available once the Ranger has reached 12th level.

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 Things to Consider

  • Rangers possess a modest blend of magical power and combat prowess.

  • Rangers get along best with Barbarians and Shamans.

  • Rangers are often solitary warriors who live in remote, rural regions and tend to keep themselves to themselves. However, they will certainly help those in need -- especially careless city slickers who get lost in the wilderness.

  • Rangers serve as guardians of nature. They will hunt down and ruthlessly punish poachers, polluters, and anyone who purposefully defiles nature.

  • Rangers attract animal henchmen. At high levels. as many as five different critters may aid the Ranger.

  • Ranger's supernatural powers are fueled by Spirit Points and not BMS.