Gaianar is a world with many deities that grant a variety of powers to their faithful. The power list here assumes a good or neutral priest in service to a good or neutral deity. Those in service to harmful/evil deities may receive modified versions of the spells in this section. For an instance, an evil deity may not grant healing as potent as a good deity might, and an evil deity may grant the power to inflict diseases instead of curing them. It's strongly suggested that player-character Priests be good (or at least neutral) and no evil. Priests generally serve the community in healing, turning away the Undead, and offering comfort and counsel in times of crisis and loss. They welcome strangers, help the needy, befriend the friendless, and defend the defenseless. Priests often work in tandem with Protectors. While a Shaman and a Priest are both clergy, a Shaman is generally educated by a higher-level Shaman one-on-one or in small groups over an extended period of time. Priests, by contrast, receive formal, structured education through seminaries. Both may worship the same deity but are taught different things, and thus their spell lists differ greatly.  

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 Things to Consider

  • Priests are often paired with Protectors. Priests are willing to face danger to stand against evil and oppression and Protectors help them survive long enough to accomplish their missions.

  • Priests rely on faith and their connection with the Divine. Therefore their spells expend Spirit Points and not BMS.

  • Priests are usually not materialistic. They will tend, however, to buy items that are durable and not shoddily made.

  • A Priest has the most potent healing capabilities and the greatest power to turn away the Undead.

  • Priests are generous but they are not stupid in their generosity. They will not hand coins to a cardboard-carrying bum that is wearing designer shoes.

  • Priests are relatively weak in missile/melee combat but they do wield powerful defensive/healing magic.