The Barbarian, Ranger, and Shaman are three closely-linked character classes that operate on a continuum. All three are Nature-revering professions. The Barbarian has strong combat skills and a smattering of spells. The Ranger balances prowess and magic. The Shaman is weaker in physical battle but wields powerful Nature-based spells as well as a moderate amount of healing power. Unlike a Priest, who learns in universities and from books, a Shaman is typically taught in small groups by a revered elder. While both Priests and Shamans serve the Light, Priests generally have an urban outlook while Shamans are decidedly rural.

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 Things to Consider

  • Of the three classes that serve Nature, the Shaman has the most potent spells and the weakest combat capabilities

  • Shamans get along best with Barbarians and Rangers.

  • Shamans often serve as moral guides to their communities as well as arbiters of disputes.

  • Whereas a Priest draws from the Plane of Radiace and the Plane of Light, a Shaman's powers are primarily derived from Nature and the Elemental Planes.

  • As Undead are considered highly unnatural, Shamans can call upon Nature to repel the Undead. A Shaman's Turning ability is almost as potent as a Priest's.

  • A Shaman's supernatural powers are fueled by Spirit Points and not BMS.

  • Like a Barbarian, a Shaman usually draws magical sigils when casting spells.