Like the Mathematician, the Necromancer is a "scholarly" character class that has poor combat skills and low hit point accumulation. However, while the Mathematician uses abstract mathematics and physics to reveal the secrets of the Universe, the Necromancer seeks to do so through biology and arcane lore. Necromancers have seven Tiers of spells. While it is theoretically possible for a Necromancer to be of "good" alignment, many either start off evil or are seduced by the darkness over the course of their careers.

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 Things to Consider

  • Necromancers do not rely on Faith or Spiritual Points. They rely on Knowledge and Body-Mind-Spirit.

  • Necromancers and Gunslingers generally do not get along.

  • Most cultures revere scholars, but few revere Necromancers.

  • Necromancers are sometimes mistaken for Scaxathrom and Illuthiel clergy due to their penchant for desecration of the dead their practice of the Dark Arts.

  • A Necromancer may split-class and then choose to outwardly portray the secondary class as his/her true profession and then practice Necromancy in secret.

  • A Necromancer can attempt spellcasting without an Arcane Focus. The GM will determine the degree of casting penalty.