Noncombat Proficiency Skills List

The table below shows the available non-combat skills. If the character knows a related skill, then that knowledge grants a +1 on all proficiency checks. Note that the GM can assign or revoke related skill bonuses where fit:, though this should not be over-used. For example, when Cooking in a foreign land, Cultural Knowledge of that land could proof useful. On the other hand, identifying a particular star with Astronomy gains little benefit from Mathematics.

Skill Related Skill Type of Check Required Primary Function
Acting Artistic Ability, Disguise Influence Can assume other roles. Can act in a dramatic presentation.
Advanced Medical Healing Knowledge Can perform surgical procedures.
Ancient Language Ancient Lore Knowledge Can read a dead language.
Ancient Lore Ancient Language Knowledge Understands the function of ancient technological devices.
Animal Lore Animal Training Knowledge Understands the behavior and function of animals.
Animal Training Animal Lore Willpower Can train animals to obey and do tricks/tasks.
Architectural Design Artistic Ability, Mathematics Knowledge Can design homes and buildings.
armour Craft Artistic Ability Skill Can make suits of armour and shields.
Artistic Ability - Willpower Can add beauty to any crafted thing.
Astronomy Mathematics Knowledge Understands star charts and stellar objects.
Blacksmith / Metal Craft Artistic Ability Endurance Can make/repair things made from metal.
Boating Ship Handling Endurance Can handle small watercraft such as canoes and kiacks.
Bodybuilding - Endurance Understands basic nutrition and can improve one's physique with exercise.
Brainwash Mental Defense Willpower Can alter another person's emotions, drives, and beliefs through a complex program of mental torture.
Brewing Chemistry, Cooking Knowledge Can make beer, wine, or spirits.
Carpentry (woodworking) Artistic Ability Endurance Can make/repair structures of wood.
Cartography Direction Sense, Astronomy Knowledge Can make/read maps.
Chemistry Herbalism Knowledge Understands how chemicals interact with each other. Can make healing potions, poisons, antitoxins, and explosives.
Cooking   Knowledge Can prepare fine meals.
Counseling Deprogramming Perception Can cure mental illnesses in others.
Craftsmanship Artistic Ability Skill Can make finished products from raw materials.
Cultural Knowledge Foreign Language Influence Understands a foreign culture.
Dancing Artistic Ability Skill Can dance in dramatic presentations.
Deprogramming Mental Defense Willpower Can undo brainwashing.
Direction Sense Astronomy Perception Can find one's way without a compass.
Disguise Acting Influence Can alter one's appearance with cosmetics and prothetics.
Engineering Mathematics, Physics Knowledge Can make/repair machines.
Farming Plant Lore Perception/Endurance Can grow/harvest crops
Fishing Animal Lore Perception Can catch fish using rods, spears, or nets.
Foreign Language Cultural Knowledge Knowledge Can add an additional language to one's repertoire.
Forensics Advanced Medical, Herbalism, Healing Knowledge Can solve crimes by analyzing evidence.
Gambling Mathematics Perception Understands, and can cheat at, games of chance.
Gemology Artistic Ability Skill Can evaluate and shape gemstones and other precious minerals.
Glass Blowing Artistic Ability, Chemistry Skill Can make glass objects.
Haggling Mental Defense, Cultural Knowledge Influence Can shake merchants down for a better price.
Healing Advanced Medical Knowledge Can treat physical injuries.
Herbalism Chemistry Knowledge Can make cures for poisons and diseases.
Herding Animal Lore, Animal Training Perception Can make livestock obey.
Intimidate Mental Defense Influence Can make people talk who don't want to talk .
Interrogation Mental Defense Willpower Can create an effective series of questions for the purpose of gaining information from a suspect.
Juggling - Skill Can keep a set of objects aloft using manual dexterity.
Law Twisting Read Emotion, Law Knowledge Influence Can influence a judge and jury.
Law Knowledge Law Twisting, Cultural Knowledge Knowledge Understands local law.
Leather Craft Artistic Ability Skill Can make objects  from leather.
Lumberjack Body Building Perception/Endurance Can efficiently and safely cut down trees.
Mathematics Physics Knowledge Understands higher math.
Mental Defense - Willpower Can withstand mental/emotional assaults.
Mining Body Building Perception/Endurance Can dig tunnels and extract ore.
Mob Control Read Emotion, Cultural Knowledge Influence Can influence small to medium sized crowds.
Musical Instrument Artistic Ability Skill Can play a musical instrument.
Navigation Cartography Perception Can plot a course on the open sea.
Occult Knowledge - Knowledge Understands the religious practices of another religion.
Painting Artistic Ability Skill Can paint furnishings, buildings, etc.
Physics Mathematics Knowledge Undersands the interactions and functions of fundamental forces.
Plant Lore Farming Knowledge Understands plant biology.
Pottery (Ceramics) Artistic Ability Skill Can make objects from clay.
Preach Religious Doctrine Willpower Can teach religious lessons to believers.
Predict Weather - Perception Can make a semi-accurate weather prediction.
Read Emotion - Perception Can attempt to detect deceit.
Read Lips Read Emotion Perception Can understand spoken words without hearing.
Read/Write Artistic Ability Knowledge Can read and write any known language.
Religious Doctrine - Knowledge Skilled in one's own religion
Ride, Air Creature Animal Training Skill Can ride a winged creature such as a dragon.
Ride, Air Device - Skill Can pilot an aircraft, such as a hang glider.
Riding, Land Creature Animal Training Skill Can ride a land beast, such as a horse.
Rock Climbing Body Building Endurance Can scale steep surfaces.
Rope Use (Knot Tying) - Skill Can make lassos, nooses, and knots.
Running Body Building Endurance Can increase base land speed.
Ship Handling Boating Skill Can steer and manage large ships.
Sigil Crafting/Reading Artistic Ability Knowledge Can read magical writings.
Singing Artistic Ability Influence Has a well-trained singing voice.
Swimming Body Building Endurance Can swim proficiently.
Tailor / Seamstress Artistic Ability Skill Can make and repair garments.
Teach - Willpower Can teach any known skill.
Tracking Animal Lore Perception Can follow tracks of men and beasts.
Weapon Craft Artistic Ability Skill Can make weapons.
Weaving Artistic Ability Skill Can make baskets, rugs, and tapestries.
Woodcraft (Small Items) Artistic Ability Skill Can make wooden tools and implements.

These proficiencies are by no means the only skills that a player character, or any other sentient being could possess.  If it should come to pass that the players and the Game Master agree that a new proficiency should be created, by all means do so.  The aforementioned are merely the most obvious choices.